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Unlocking the Power of Self-Liquidating Offers: A Roadmap for Artist Success

How to Turn Event Ticket Sales into a Sustainable Business Strategy and Secure a Partnership with High Time

I had a few artists ask me for an example of how a 'Self Liquidating Offer' would work in practice.

So here is an example:

Let's say you can hire a venue that has a 500 capacity and you negotiate a deal whereby if the event sells out, there is no hire fee due to the venue making $$$ from bar sales.

Tickets for the show are $20, so the gross proceeds would total $10k.

You sell the tickets 'direct to consumer', so you have all of the customer data for future benefit.

The goal with this event is not to make a profit, but simply to breakeven and liquidate the cost of advertising with the proceeds of the ticket sales.

You invest $10k into running ads to build the audience and nurture them towards 500 people becoming ticket buyers.

Now you have 500 customers who are ticket buyers.

The next event you do, you only need to invest half the amount into building and nurturing the audience further, because you have customers who want to come and people in the audience who didn't come before, who want to come now...

…especially because they saw the content of the previous event, saw how great it was and now want to come.

The previous customers want to come again because they had a great evening.

This event is now 1000 tickets, at $25 and it sells out.

Now you have $25k gross income.

This time you invested $5k into ads, so you have $20k.

When you combine this approach with leveraging the 'Oversubscribed Strategy', you can double the venue capacity each time you do an event (every 3 months is a good timeframe between them).

Of course you need to have solid foundation stones in place first.

You need to have great music.

You need a great BrandDNA.

You need a great strategic plan.

You need a great marketing plan and strategy.

You need great sales processes and secondary products (with these in place, you'd make a lot more sales than just the tickets).

When you combine these foundation stones with great execution, the only possible outcome is that you get great results.

As an artist, this is essentially the roadmap to success, to have all of these things in place, to have them be at the highest standard.

This is the roadmap I’ve turned into the 'High Time: Artist Success Pathway' and over the last several years, I've been developing a 6 month program to help artists to put all of these foundation stones in place called 'High Time Engine+'.

This program is also a precursor for artists to secure a partnership opportunity with High Time.

I'm about to launch the first cohort which is going to be around 50% of the price of what it will be in the future.

I'm also doing a crazy deal for the first 10 artists who sign up and there are still a couple of places left. DM me if you would like more info.

The prerequisites to coming into this program is that you must have great music and the financial means to come in.

This is only for artists who are serious about building a sustainable artist business.

If you'd like details about this offer, hit reply and I’ll send you the details.

-The Baker

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