The Power of Creating a Honeypot!

How to create honeypot that attracts your perfect people...

I’ve made an agreement with myself, to keep the emails I send out on Tuesdays to you to be no more than 200 words and to be a practical tactic or strategy that you can implement yourself; be it if you have an artist business or any other business.

Once you’ve scrolled past the sponsored ad (which if you’re an artist, you really need to check out!), you’ll find be explaining an incredibly powerful strategy that I call the ‘Honeypot Strategy’…


As an artist, there are so many voices out there telling you what you should and shouldn’t do that it’s hard to know which voice to follow.

The truth is there is a pathway that you can take that is made up of fundamental principles that are true, no matter what it is you are trying to do.

When you know what they are, you can achieve success without having to go viral or spend all of your time on social media hoping to catch a break.

These are principles that were applied by the team at High Time to take then unknown alternative rock band The Hunna, from zero to achieving the following results in only 2 years:i

  • Played to a crowd of 10,000 in London.

  • Racked up 150 million streams on Spotify.

  • Sold 85,000 tickets across the UK.

  • 60,000 physical albums.

  • Secured media placements on major radio stations like BBC Radio 1.

  • Secured synchronization placements in major global advertising campaigns.

The magnitude of the results we achieved is hard to fully grasp.

It's not just about the spectacular numbers; it's about the fact that everything we did was by design.

It was all part of a process that we have now defined as the High Time: Artist Success Pathway.

Our objective is for as many artists as possible to know how to follow the High Time: Artist Success Pathway, and to do this we’ve decided to do a FREE limited space training which will take place over 3 days commencing on Wednesday 27th September at 11am PT / 2pm ET online over Zoom and in our Facebook Group.

📚 The Honeypot Strategy Explained

As the name suggests, this strategy is all about creating a piece of content that is super attractive to your perfect people, so much so, that once they start to raise their hand to show they are interested, this action itself starts to attract even more of your perfect people.

This strategy can work on most any platform, but is especially powerful on social media due to the fact that there are lots of ways for people to virtually raise their hands by being able to react, comment or share your content.

It’s also super simple; done correctly, one single post can bring in an abundance of your perfect people and do so over a long period of time - oftentimes they can be evergreen when boosted ongoing using advertising.

💡A bonus with this strategy is that not only does your post content create the honeypot to connect with your perfect people, it also allows you the chance to connect with them directly by engaging in the comments yourself and if you do this on social media, many people will come into the DMs with the intention to connect with you in a deeper way.

⚙️ The Honeypot Strategy Setup

I highly recommend that you try this strategy on Facebook, due to the fact that there are so many ways people can engage.

You can use the strategy on a personal profile or on a Facebook page, which gives you the advantage point that you can boost it with ads to add gas and if your posts subject is broad enough, you can potentially run it as an evergreen post.

Here is all you need to do to create your honeypot post using Facebook as the platform:

  1. A compelling topic: you need a subject for your post that is super compelling and attractive to your perfect people. An ideal scenario here is if you have a topic that is contrarian and is likely to trigger people to want to comment and share.

  2. Select a modality: this post could be a video, an image, a long form copy, a short form copy or it might even just be a status style update. It really doesn’t need to be complicated, in fact some of the most simple pieces of content, with a compelling subject can get massive results.

  3. Choose a call to action (CTA): on Facebook you could share a link to an external blogpost, a link to another platform like YouTube or you could simply select ‘send message’ as the CTA. The comment section is also a subtle CTA and if your subject is powerful enough your perfect people are not going to be able to resist adding a comment to the discussion.

  4. Reply to all comments promptly: the Facebook algorithm loves engagement, especially when the engagement is coming between your perfect people and your page or profile, so as comments come in, be sure to reply to the aggressively and try to create replies that are likely to trigger further engagement, this not only will boost the algorithm, but will create a deeper connection between you and the people you are connecting with.

Thats it!

You’ve got yourself a honeypot post setup and if you’ve got it right, this one post and others you create in the future can do an incredible amount of the heavy lifting towards you building a super engaged audience.

🚀Adding gas with this strategy boosting this post targeting your perfect people using as little as $1 per day in advertising spend, will give you the ability to bring new people into your audience everyday. This works really well both targeting at a country level or you could get hyperlocal and target people who live within a 1 mile or 1km radius of a venue or other location.

👁️ The Honeypot Strategy: An Example

This has been an incredibly effective honeypot post for me, and as you can see it’s been so hot that there are more comments on the post than reactions themselves, along with 158 shares.

Further, this single post is bringing me new connections to this newsletter / blog, since it links out to an article itself.

I’ve also had a high volume of DMs from my perfect people who are artists.

I’m running a relatively modest daily advertising campaign to this post, which is coming in with incredibly low CPMs due to the fact that the engagement level is so high on the post itself.

🙋‍♂️Got a strategy or idea you’d like me to to write about?

My objective in creating The Baker Says is to connect with you through sharing my vision, ideas, strategies and tactics.

Every Tuesday I share a tactic or strategy that is simple to apply, not matter whether you’re building an artist business or any type of business.

If you’ve got a strategy or idea that you’d like me to write about, I’d love for you to hit reply and let me know so I can make sure I’m creating content that you want to read.

Kind Regards

Carl AKA ‘The Baker’

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