A Pivotal Moment...

High Time: The Artist Success Pathway

Today was not just another day; it marked a special milestone.

After over two years of dedicated research and discovery, I returned to the training front with our first session of ‘High Time: The Artist Success Pathway’.

For those who were with us, your presence was invaluable.

🌟 Today's Deep Dive: We explored the essence of the High Time: Artist Success Pathway.

Unraveling the foundational strategies and principles critical for your artistic journey.

It was more than just a training session; it was the unveiling of the insights I've gathered during my two-year quest to piece together the jigsaw puzzle of building the biggest and fairest music company in the world.

🎨 Tomorrow's Exploration: We'll delve into the realm of your unique Artist Brand DNA, a crucial element in carving out your distinct identity in the music landscape.

🚀 Day 3's Mission: We will explore vital resources and strategies, including efficient time management and accessing capital, to propel your journey forward.

💡 Revelations from Today's Q&A: I shared insights from my recent endeavors, including the development of a groundbreaking 'People Metrics System,' affordable artist education, and Done-For-You (DFY) services.

But perhaps the most exciting reveal was my plan to take High Time public in the next four years, aiming to compete on a global scale with major record companies.

💬 Join the Movement: The replays are available in our Facebook group "High Time: The Artist Success Pathway."

This is your opportunity to not just watch a session but to be part of a vision that's reshaping the music industry.

This journey is about more than just reaching the pinnacle of success; it's about understanding and valuing every step that leads us there.

Kind Regards

Carl AKA ‘The Baker’

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