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  • Exclusive Launch: The High Time: Artist Success Pathway eBook Bundle – Your Roadmap to Artistic Success

Exclusive Launch: The High Time: Artist Success Pathway eBook Bundle – Your Roadmap to Artistic Success

Your Key to Success Without the Viral Chase

I hope you’ve had a great holiday period and you’re set to make 2024 a huge year!

I’ve spent the past several weeks, not only planning intensively for the reboot of High Time, but also in writing a series of books that I believe are total game changers for artists who are serious about building a sustainable artist business.

The Culmination of a Revolutionary Journey

The insights and strategies you'll find in this eBook bundle are the product of over five years of intensive development.

This collection represents the pinnacle of my work, totaling over 200,000 words of wisdom across seven books and bonus materials.

The High Time: Artist Success Pathway is a proven methodology, offering artists like you 'total certainty' in your business endeavors.

It's a comprehensive guide, born out of real-world success and deep industry understanding, now ready to steer your music career towards sustained growth and success.

Why This Bundle, Why Now?

We are living in what I believe to be the golden era for artists.

The digital revolution has opened up unprecedented opportunities for sustainable artistic careers.

But navigating this new terrain requires more than just talent; it requires insight, strategy, and understanding.

That's what this bundle provides.

This bundle of eBooks, is also the foundation to everything that is coming ahead as I reboot High Time with the intention of building it into the biggest and fairest music company in the world,

A Pathway Tailored for Your Success

The High Time: Artist Success Pathway eBook Bundle isn't just another set of guides; it's your roadmap to success towards creating ‘total certainty’ in your artist business.

There are 7 books in this bundle:

1. Ongoing Step - Foundation Mindset: The Bedrock of Artistic Triumph

2. Step One - Core Product Development: Harmony & Hitmakers

3. Step Two - Resonant Identity: Shaping Your Musical BrandDNA

4. Step Three - The Melodic Map: Charting Your Musical Journey

5. Step Four - Rhythmic Reach: Amplifying Your Music in the Digital Age

6. Step Five - Beyond the Beat: Diversifying Your Musical Portfolio

7. Step Six - Crescendo of Success: Executing and Scaling Your Music Career

I’ve shared these books with a limited number of artists and the feedback so far has been incredible, if you go ahead and purchase them, I’d love for you to share your feedback with me and ask my any questions you might have.

Kind Regards,

Carl AKA 'The Baker'

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